While basic web hosting constitute the predominant services offered by 3TEC.COM today, businesses are increasingly looking for value-added services that allow them to further leverage the power of Internet to expand markets, increase productivity and reduce costs. 3TEC.COM's extensive experience in both computing platforms and internetwork implementations give us a competitive edge in offering these services, which include:

  • JSP, PHP, ASP, .NET and CMS hosting environment in Hybrid OS architecture (yes, you don't need to create separate accounts for your UNIX or Windows websites.)
  • Domain Name registration, renewal, and DNS (Name Servers) services
  • Email accounts with Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus protection, as well as secure/encrypted communication and Webmail access.

For today's businesses to remain competitive in the global market, the hosting environment you depend on has to efficiently manage high network traffic loads, content delivery, large data capacity, and be cost-effective. 3TEC.COM will continue to provide our customers the turnkey to staying in the competition.

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